Welcome to the OKANAGAN Racing Experience

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Located in Penticton, British Columbia, The Okanagan Racing Experience gives you the chance to experience your thrill a lifetime. Driving a racecar and a ride in a fighter jet consistently rank as the world’s most sought after extreme thrill rides. Most will never have the opportunity to ride in a real racecar never mind drive one on a high banked speedway!   You can do just that as spotters and your instructor coach you by radio, just like your favorite Nascar driver!

All of our programs begin with an instructional meeting to get you up to speed with the safety and performance of the racecar.  Your instructor will show you the correct way around our track and the proper techniques for driving the racecar.  You will also learn about the safety features of the racecar and our track safety guidelines.

Our instructors have many years of competitive racing and instructing experience to their credit, at many levels of competition and in many types of auto racing.  If you get bitten by the racing bug, we are more than happy to help get you started!

As mentioned above, OK Racing’s at track instruction includes the use of in car radios which allows your instructors to give lap by lap advice and guidance to safely find the best lines, most efficient braking and acceleration points and ultimately … quicker laps!

Whether you have always wanted to drive a racecar just once in your lifetime, or even if you have plans to become the next Jeff Gordon, you will remember your Okanagan Racing Experience for the rest of your life!

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