IMG_1075Top Gear Karting is fortunate to be situated at the historic Penticton Speedway (see map). The Speedway is just minutes from downtown Penticton and offers gorgeous views all along the way. For the race karts, the track is reconfigured from the banked oval used by stock and sprint cars into a demanding hybrid road course that stretches nearly 7/10th of a kilometre, like a miniature version of the track configuration used during the legendary 24 hrs of Daytona sports car race. Like at Daytona, we use 2/3rds of the oval track and then add an technical infield road course with challenging corners of various speeds and a series of “esses” that get will get your adrenalin pumping lap after lap.


A good lap time on the Top Gear track demands a well rounded driver. Smoothness, precision and metered aggression will surely help you shave those precious fractions of a second from your best lap time. A stop in at our Driving Academy will get you carving corners like a pro and completing effortless passes before the competition even knows your behind them! Guaranteed!


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