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leagueThe Arrive and Drive Racing Series is the easiest, most affordable way to get started in karting. We provide everything you need. All you do is show up and race one evening per week.

Racing is scheduled several weekday evenings at 5:30pm. Each event will consist of one practice session, one timed qualifying session, one heat race and, of course the final. The series will include 8 race events, each driver will only be allowed to score 5 towards the final standings. This means that you can miss a few evenings or just drop your worst results if you contest more than 5 events during the summer.

The cost to register is $99. Each race event entry is $65.

You must purchase or provide your own neck protection. We provide the helmets, over-suits (jeans and long sleeves still recommended), disposable balaclava, and the race kart.

Kart selection and starting order for the “Grand Finale” held in September will depend on the combined results from five events of the nine potentail races during the summer. Weight corrective penalties will be applied at the directors discretion throughout competition.

Call or simply email us with your name, age and phone number to get registered today.

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Karting Requirements

Karting is a dangerous activity and the potential for injury and even death exists.  You are responsible for any injury to yourself, other participants and spectators as well as damages to our facilities and equipment.  Please take the time to read these restrictions and regulations VERY CAREFULLY!

Clothing Requirements

  • Long sleeved shirts and full length pants highly recommended
  • Closed, toed shoes required
  • Long hair must be secured
  • Head sock if using our helmet (We provide a disposable balaclava, a resizable cotton balaclava is available for purchase at our kart shop)
  • If using your own full face helmet it must be Snell 95/DOT rated or higher and include full integral eye protection.

Age Restrictions

  • Drivers 14 yrs. and up are welcome to drive with no previous experience or driving course required
  • Drivers 12 – 14 yrs. old will be permitted after successful completion of the Junior Racer course assuming they meet our height requirement for the senior Arrive & Drive karts.  Junior Racer course requires advanced reservation.
  • Drivers 8 – 12 yrs. are also permitted after completion of the age appropriate Race School and Safety Course. Drivers in this age group require reservations on the track due to smaller engines and karts utilized for these younger racers. Junior racers must be at least 50″ tall to drive our junior “Arrive and Drive” karts

Call or email to schedule your time on the track and register your young hot-shoe for their Race and Safety class. Exception is made for drivers under the age of 15 that can demonstrate experience racing in sanctioned (FIA-CIK) karting events.

Drivers under the age of 18 are required to have a parent or guardian present to sign a minor waiver. Verification of age may be requested.

Other Information

Intentional bumping is not allowed and will be considered Reckless Driving. Any driving behaviour that is perceived as dangerous or damaging to self, others, kart equipment or the facility will result in immediate removal from the grounds and no refunds will be given.

Top Gear Karting has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for driving under the influence of alcohol and/or illegal drugs. If you are suspected of being under the influence you will be removed from participation and no refund will be given.

Enter and exit the kart only when directed to do so by pit crew memeber.  Do so by using the seat or steering wheel for support as instructed by staff. Avoid engine area/ehaust pipe which may be very hot.

Our karts are controlled by a foot brake pedal on the left side and a foot throttle pedal on the right side. There are no clutches on the rental karts.

All drivers are required to sign a Release of Liability prior to racing. There are inherent risks to any motorsport activity and race karts are no exception. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the flags and other instructions you may receive from the operators while karting. If you have any questions or need clarification it is your responsibility to ask prior to driving a kart.

All participants must listen and adhere to a safety briefing before entering the kart.  All participants must adhere to all flags and signals as intructed by Top Gear staff.

Kart racing is a physical sport. If you are pregnant, have back or neck problems, or any other medically compromised condition you should consult your doctor prior to kart racing.

Any act of verbal or physical aggression toward another driver or race official will result in immediate removal from the facility with no refund given.

We are a family oriented place of fun. Please refrain from any vulgar displays or language. We reserve the right to remove anyone from the facility if they are affecting the enjoyment of other racers or our staff.

No smoking is allowed in the pit area.

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