Arrive & Drive *Our Kart and Gear....your sneakers!*
Single Session (10 Laps) $25.00
Rookie Certification (Anyone under 13 requires this) $65.00
Hourly Track and Kart Fleet Rental $495.00
Two-seater Kart (Price is for driver and passenger) $25.00
Karting Gift Certificate $30 (One 10 Lap Session)
Karting Gift Certificate $55 (Two 10 Lap Sessions)
Demo Kart Rental (Must be qualified by Instructor) $120 and up depending on vehicle type and session length
Driving Instruction
Private Instruction (Instructor, suit kart included) $149 for 30 min
Club Racing *Your Kart and Gear*
Kart Racing Lapping Day $35.00
Club Race Entry (Single Event) $65.00
League Racing *Our Kart and Gear*
League Race Entry (Single Event) $135.00

Note: Please be sure to read over our restrictions and requirements.

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