Karting Academy

IMG_1230Our racing school features classes and programs suitable for racers of every ability and even drivers interested in improving their car handling skills for everyday driving on the street. Our driving instruction programs and clinics feature class room instruction, lots of laps in the race kart and video analysis of your progress. Whether you are a seasoned racer or totally new to karting or racing in general we have a program to get you on the right track and moving towards (or further ahead of) the front of the pack!

Kart Racing 101 is an introduction to racing and will show you the basics of handling the race kart, teach you how to identify and drive the fastest “racing line” and generally give you the tools to reduce those lap times.

We offer Advanced racing instruction for experienced auto and kart racers (using our A&D karts ) where we will help you work on advanced driving techniques that will shave 10ths of your lap times corner by corner and braking zone by braking zone. We specialize in helping advanced racers maximize their “focus” and learn to “flow” around the track in a state of complete concentration.IMG_1220

The Junior Racer Certification Course is required for all drivers under 14 years of age who wish to drive our junior or senior (depending of their physical size) race karts. This program is designed to bring the kids up to speed gradually and safely. We start a series of low speed start / stop drills to build confidence and good reactions on the throttle and brake pedals. The young drivers then progress through a series of drills and practice laps on our small course with the kart engines “limited”. Kids that demonstrate confidence and excellent control will be allowed on the full coarse under close supervision. Our goal is to turn out safe, happy young racers. Any young racer who does NOT meet the requirements will not be licensed and therefore unable to rent the karts without further instruction and supervision. Any your racer who does not graduate in their first attempt but still wishes to complete the course will be welcomed back to continue towards certification under supervision at a reduced price dependent on how much more time is required.

academyWe also offer advanced driving and racing clinics for small groups that range from advanced road driver safety courses to advanced technique seminars for seasoned racers. The clinics will be announced on our site from time to time and are hosted by our very own driving instructors as well as celebrity professional racing drivers from all over the world.

We encourage all of our students young and old to stay within their comfort zone and progress gradually and comfortably. We are more than happy to work at your pace. We will not tolerate excessive risk taking or reckless driving.

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